Image of THAT GOOD BOX (men’s sizing)  *read full description below*

THAT GOOD BOX (men’s sizing) *read full description below*

$200.00 – $210.00

Don't we all just love a fat, juicy BOX ? (Was that Unprofessional? thankfully I RUN SHIT AROUND HERE! lol who's firing me?) Ok, now let's get to it… what we really love is a DEAL and this is FOR SURE one of those! $200 is getting you between $350-$400 of NEW MERCH! You ever bought a mystery box from a big company? It's usually some bullshit or slightly imperfect items (on the low) I'm not here to play games with you OR your hard earned money, all top notch quality as usual, None of that itchy shit! if I wouldn't wear it myself, I wouldn't DARE sell it to you! I produced some BEAUTIFUL items specifically for this box, such as: 3 brand new/ unreleased caps, one brand new/unreleased shirt, one exclusive limited edition print that's FIRE (signed and numbered) 2 NEW jumbo stickers AND a couple extra items from recent releases that you DONT already have (I will be checking your order history to make sure of that) treat yourself, YOU DESERVE IT!



(Boxes will ship out by this Monday)